Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Tidbit: Teaching a Leftie How to Write

Our third child showed signs that she might be a leftie early on even though she used both hands for eating and coloring.  About that same time, our son was beginning kindergarten and I ordered a new handwriting curriculum for him called Handwriting Without Tears. 

Since that curriculum was new to me, I had also ordered the teacher's manual.  That is where I learned that there are some keys to helping a left-handed person learn to write correctly.  Essentially, the paper needs to be slanted with the top left corner up and the bottom right down.  The right hand should hold the paper still as the child writes.  And this is the most important part: anything that the child is copying/solving/answering in writing should be placed to his/her right side.  The majority of workbooks and worksheets have the text on the left with room to write on the right side of the column:

4+6=     ______________
5+2=     ______________

This is natural for a right-handed person as one can clearly see both columns at once.  But if you are a leftie, the arm will cover the problem or text and the wrist will compensate by making a crook so that both columns can be viewed simultaneously.  The manual suggested making an extra copy of the worksheet/workbook to place on the right so that the child can be trained to hold the arm in the correct position.

Happy Writing!



  1. Yay! I would never have thought of that! Glad there are tools like that out there for you. My boss is a lefty and he frequently has issues (by that I mean the rest of us have a horrible time deciphering his writing! )!!!

  2. I'll have to remember this for when I use my education degree in a classroom or, much more likely, teach my own children to write!