Sunday, March 9, 2014

I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

...catch up!
Here's a quick look at our December {on the 9th of March}!

Good grief!  
I still haven't gotten my family picture due to the
unending ice!!  So I took the kids next door the week before Christmas
 and ended up using this for our card.

Annual viewing of the Nutcracker ballet.
And after sitting through this presentation 
with the school children of Arkansas,
I now know why I don't mind paying 
for better seats at an evening performance that has a live orchestra.  
Call me a ballet snob, if you want, I'll own it.

I told him he had to be culturally aware and he was going.  Period.

A quiet Christmas with my people.
Just the way we like it.

My in-laws came down a few days after Christmas.
We hit the zoo on one of the warmer days.

On New Year's Eve, we had a fancy dinner.

Everyone filled this sheet out during the afternoon and after we ate, we went around the table and shared.  It was such a sweet time to hear what was in our kids' hearts and for them to hear ours as well as their grandparents'.  It's one of my favorite memories from 2013.

Then we had game stations and each of us took a kid.  
We set the timer for 15 minutes and then the kids rotated.
Our kids thought they were big stuff with this amazing
New Year's Eve party.  They were in bed by 9.
We weren't far behind.

After game time, we had dessert: 
brownies from scratch and sea salt caramel gelato with chocolate syrup.

 It's a dessert liable to change your life.  
Or at the least, a good way to usher in the new year!


  1. I love love love sea salt caremel gelato, I bet it is fab on brownies! Thanks for the tip. I know it's late, but I still enjoyed reading about December. :)

  2. Very fun! You are so creative! And check out who's on Kelly's blog today! :)

  3. I want to copy you on that sheet! So neat. We need to do that this New Year's Day!