Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tap, Tap, Tap....Hello?

 Anyone still reading?!  I had a few free minutes...

November was a very busy month for the Yellow Hats.  Back in September our son made the decision that he was ready to be baptized and we waited until our daddy could get back from the desert and witness this milestone in the little guy's spiritual journey.  We are so thrilled that his confession of faith is that "Jesus is LORD!"

Mr. YH and I conspired to take the kids to Disney for the first time when he returned from his deployment. We had a big reveal planned.  We gift them an ornament each Christmas that represents something significant from the year, and I was able to combine that with a Disney character: Daisy singing, Mickey playing baseball, and Minnie with a tea pot and cup.  The morning we were leaving, we let them open their presents and they were weirdly quiet.  We parents suddenly realized that we had never talked up Disney World and they had no clue!!  "Are there rides there?"  "Do they have pools?"  It's really a pretty hilarious {to us, at least!} video for our family archives!  It's safe to say they are now in the know and one little princess in particular would like to move there.

We spent four days in the parks: two at the Magic Kingdom, one at Epcot, and one at Animal Kingdom.  We stayed at the military resort, Shades of Green, and really enjoyed the proximity to the parks as well as the Disney transportation to and from.  The weather was gorgeous and the crowds were not big; it was the perfect time to go and we left with a lot of happy memories!  We left with a lot of photos, too, but here are just a few since I don't even have them in a book for ourselves yet.

Epcot was the jackpot for character photos
with little to no wait!  This little lady was SO happy to meet Minnie {twice!}!

Love Minnie photo-bombing!

{We did not do the princess salon...I packed a dress and accessories from home and let her dress up for dinner one night.  I'm glad we didn't invest as she complained about the itchy dress and having that on all day in heat would not have been a fun thing for her.}

Another bonus of our Disney trip was that we drove and Atlanta was the half-way point, so we got to see some close friends and family on the overnights.  

The Boy's birthday fell in the two weeks before another trip.  We rented time on an indoor field and his buddies and their dads came for a game.  They could not have cared less about the cake.

Then we packed up and headed north to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Wisconsin.  My dad has wanted Mr. YH to go hunting with him for years, and this was the year that was free and within reach geographically, so off we went.  And it was COLD!  While the guys hunted sat in the woods freezing and waiting for something - anything- to move, the cousins played.  I have few pictures because my sister-in-law and mom were taking a ton, so why?  I'm snagging theirs for my albums!

 My brother and his wife and Mr. YH and I updated a bathroom for my parents while we were there...think 1984 finally dies and the 21st C was shown in.  We also braved the local cheese factory on Black Friday.  People, if you have never been to WI, you probably have no idea how serious they are about was PACKED!   {This is looking down as they make the cheese.}

They are serious about their Packers, too, but
for the record, I am not a fan.

And that was November 2013 in a blink of an eye.


  1. Of course I am still reading! :) glad you got to go to Disney and looks like the boys birthday was great (and good job on the bat and ball pancake, too!) :)

  2. I'm always behind, but STILL here!! You really had a lot to post about! How awesome that your son was baptized!! And I'm so thrilled y'all enjoyed your trip to Disney. I hope to plan a trip where we can actually go this time!!

  3. Thanks for keeping this up! I need to do the same...