Friday, December 20, 2013

The Friday Before Christmas

Our life has been full - satiated! - with family time and for lack of a more interesting category: LIFE.  So that's my all inclusive reason/excuse for setting the blog on the bottom of my priorities.  But while the kids clean up their school books for the Christmas break, here are a few random thoughts and links in bullet fashion:

  • The ice storm that hit Arkansas the first weekend in December coupled with Thanksgiving landing later this year completely threw a LARGE wrench in my plans.  I'm still recovering.  And now rain is predicted for this weekend when our family pictures were rescheduled.  So I dressed my kids, took them to the neighbor's house (their brick is lighter than my brick) and told them we weren't going to the science museum until they gave me a good photo for the Christmas card which will still be late.  And I'm not all that bitter that my coupon expired last weekend that would have made them even cheaper.  My family is also on notice that we are STILL getting a family picture. 
  • I gave my tree ribbon to Sveta when we moved.  I bought some new ribbon the other day and put it on the tree even though it's been up for a couple of weeks.  And it needs more.  I have more.  It's all the way in the laundry room. Maybe tonight.  Or tomorrow.  But definitely before my in-laws arrive next Friday.  I can't be the only one who thinks like that.
  • This has been a great month for girl math.  I feel like I'm making money for all the returns I've made.
  • A little freebie I discovered on the back of a magazine I was saving in case I wanted to use cards from this company...Snapfish has free holiday printables.  Go be all Pinterest-y for free!
  • Tiffany from Dropcam blog asked if I'd mind posting the link to these military homecomings.  Not at all!  Grab your kleenex!!  And to our fellow service members and families who are separated this Christmas: THANK YOU.  I get it.  And our love and prayers are with you.
  • Lastly, I read through an update we got from an organization we have supported.  They recounted an amazing miracle that took place and in which militants intent on killing met Jesus and were radically transformed.  There's a new church plant, too.  I cried because I'm so glad that that God is my God and He still performs mighty acts.  Like in my life and in the lives of people I love.  It was the perfect reminder of what this month is all about.  I'm saying a quick prayer that if you are reading and don't know Him that you will and that you'll be full of joy that He can work miracles in your heart, too.

Have a blessed Christmas!!



  1. I love your heart! I'm so glad that your life I full and busy and good right now! I pray that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!!

  2. I AM going to be at Inspire!!!!! YES!!!!!!