Thursday, June 28, 2012

Final Days in Ukraine

We told Tonya, one of the three ladies who works as a building concierge, goodbye last week since we won't see her before flying out this weekend.  We've worked hard to build relationships with her, the other ladies, and a few down at the grocery store.  It's been hard to say goodbye, but I don't have any regrets.  We were able to share the gospel with each of them and trust God's promise that His Word doesn't return without fulfilling its purpose.

Loading up one of our shipping crates.  We'll see them in Arkansas in a few months.

N is for Nutella.  And it is delicious right from the jar!

Four of our guys received awards on Monday afternoon at the embassy. Loving my man for asking the others to split the catering for the reception so all I had to do was show up!

I included this because Ambassador Tefft is simply the nicest man.  There is a true art to diplomacy and he has it down.  He is so approachable and friendly, and he always greets us by name.

At attention as the citations are being read.

Mr. YH receiving his award.  He also got one from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense two weeks ago- a big deal as it's not given out to everyone and never to a guy in his position.

Our air shipment was packed on Tuesday.  I panicked slightly as I pulled it all out of the sauna because it seemed a lot heavier than the 1000 lbs cap!  Turns out I had 400 lbs more I could have included.  We're down to suitcases and that's a good feeling.  We are still in our apartment because there is embassy furniture here for us and we pulled out our hospitality kit that we were given upon arrival, so we have sheets, towels, dishes, etc. to use until we leave.  Our last days are packed with final meetings with friends, and then we'll fly out this Sunday. Can't wait to step out on American soil and hear the officer at passport control say, "Welcome home!"


  1. I'm sure it is different and with much more meaning to have the passport officer say, "Welcome Home." But I cried when I heard those 2 words when coming back from Ukraine. While I was crying, I saw an elderly man ignore his arthritis and kiss the floor, praising God the entire time. Not sure where he was coming from but if I could've bleached my lips without suffering major consequences, I would've been on the floor with that elderly man.

    I will not judge if you kiss the floor. Welcome (early) home! I can't wait to see you guys sometime in the upcoming weeks. :)

  2. I wondered about you having beds, guess you do. Congrats to Mr YH on his awards. Glad you're down to counting (hours?) days now. Well done. Praying for smooth transition. Love ya! :)

  3. I can't believe it's almost here! How has 2 years gone by so quickly? Safe travels and let me be the first to say, "Welcome home!"