Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Following Through

Do you remember when Holly Homemaker took on scrapping in this post?

And I said at the end that I needed to start planning for Baby Girl's album?

That would be all the way back in 2009 when I said that.  And even though it's been 2 1/2 years, I have been working- albeit SLOWLY- on her book.  But I'm kicking it up a notch now because we're moving, she's asking all about her ABCs and how to write them, I hate unfinished projects, and...we're moving (still no word).

{J is for Jewelry- this was a contender- 
who could resist the kinder egg shark bracelet,
dinosaur ring and white plastic beads?!}

I am actually short 2 pictures.  Who knew R could be so difficult!?  And I know what to do for N, but just need to take the photo.  I went ahead and ordered prints this afternoon, and hopefully they'll arrive quickly and be printed decently so that I can start this final ABC book and finish it before her birthday in May.  Sounds easy, but this stuff always stresses me out.  At least I had the forethought to put pertinent stickers in labeled envelopes for each letter the last time I took this on!

What have you been working on lately?


  1. I love your ABC books! :)

    I can't believe they're leaving (me) y'all hanging like this!! LOL! ;)

    Do you do Pinterest? Like I need another time sucker, but it's really neat. Lots of great ideas. I can go weeks without checking it though, so I'm not addicted. HAHA!

    There was an idea on there for spray painting old picture frames (because I can't think up these things by myself). I had a bunch of ornate (ugly) gold frames in my closet and they were really nice (in the 80's) so I never threw them away. I painted one pink, one purple, and one white w/turquoise underneath - sort of a distressed look. They turned out fabulous and then, because I'm an overachiever, I even printed off pictures to put in them AND I hung them in Ladybub's room!! How 'bout that?!

  2. I remember when you were working on The Boy's ABC book! Time passes so quickly. We need to catch up. My mom has been here for the last 2 weeks and we've been working on baby blankets, burp rags (lots of gifts) and altering all my maternity pants so they hit better. Doesn't that sound so exciting? Oh yes, and working on our taxes (rolling of eyes).

  3. Brandi's comment cracked me up! I've been meaning to do a LOT of things. For some reason the only things I manage to do on a regular basis are eat, sleep, and shower. (Thank goodness for that last one.)

  4. LOVE the ABC books and this pic is priceless! :) You'll get it done, no worries! :) Was hoping while I was gone up to CT on vacay you'd have found out where your next post was and unfortunately I see that I didn't miss the announcement. :(

  5. It'll feel great to finish!

    And I totally smiled at the Kinder Egg reference... those are one of my favorite memories of our trip abroad!

    Love that picture of your sweetie!