Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sketchy Invite

We just received an invitation for dinner on Friday evening. Mr. YH inquired about dress code and was given little guidance...I'm thinking jeans probably aren't going to be dressy enough for dinner with the ambassador. Blast! I still haven't completely restocked my fall wardrobe after pitching it all {it was time- I'd had a lot of it since college}!! Seriously, this whole affair has thrown me off. We had to move a going away/Mr. YH's promotion party to Saturday afternoon and that bumped my Bunco night. I'm thinking Mrs. T could have just come on over to play with us girls and could have gotten to know us really well over some dice and snacks!!

So, to make this a little extra fun,
anything you're interested in that Tara and I
can report back on after the dinner?
We'll do some polite recon!


  1. Yes, please tell us what you ate and how people were dressed (since we've already seen the local fare can include 90's mini prom dress and pink socks on men, etc!) :) Hope you figure out something to wear and that you have a good time! :)

  2. LOL! I love the thought of jeans to dine with the ambassador! I think that's funny. I feel your pain. I just emptied my closet after realizing some of it had been around since I was single. Ouch! I'm sure you'll pull together something fabulous.
    By the way. I'm soooo jealous that you have a Bunco night. :-D

  3. Um...first shopping trip...FAIL! Apparently someone who is 5'2" with an actual waist and hips does not fit into European pants. (And this all-American girl only has jeans!) Well, actually they aren't any different than American pants! However, when I asked the girls if I thought they could be hemmed by Friday...they laughed and informed me that today is Wednesday...um, you think?! I just love short notice for getting such a significant outfit together! Here's to something (anything!) I thought that I left in the States magically appearing in my closet tomorrow!

  4. LOL!!! You are hilarious!! The ambassador??! Goodness, I can't wait to hear all about this!!